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Maya Angelou’s Writings Exhibit

Saturday, March 24, 2007 3:49 pm
Maya Angelou's Writings Exhibit On April 12, 2007, the ZSR Library honored Maya Angelou for her gift of the papers from her films. These manuscripts, photos, personal notes, playbills, etc. are a huge and valuable collection that will assist researchers in the future.

On April 12, 2007, the ZSR Library honored Maya Angelou for her gift of the papers from her films: Down in the Delta; Sister, Sister; On A Southern Journey; The Blacks; and Georgia, Georgia. These manuscripts, photos, personal notes, playbills, etc. are a huge and valuable collection that will assist researchers in the future.

Photographs from the reception can be seen online.

From the Director

Thursday, March 8, 2007 6:10 pm

In this last column under the old GAZ format, I am still mindful of salary issues, given President Hatch’s email to staff last week regarding salary pools. As everyone on the ZSR staff should know by now, I place a very high priority on achieving fair and equitable salaries for all classifications of library staff. Perhaps because I was raised in a union town with relatively high wages and benefits and worked in a public institution where individual salaries were widely known, it was surprising to me to find that wages at ZSR were not as comparatively fair as the one that I negotiated for myself upon taking the job as Director.

Soon after, I enlisted Debbie’s help to conduct a complete and thorough study of ZSR salaries, benchmarked with peers, for all classifications of staff. Human Resources was fully supportive of this process and assisted by re-writing 52 job descriptions and reclassifying all non-exempt personnel. The ZSR staff was supportive of creating an equity pool out of last year’s 3 percent salary guideline in order to bring each individual up to a level playing field. We developed a 3 year plan to raise non-exempt salaries to the appropriate level and a similar 5 year plan for exempt staff. Last year, ZSR was fortunate to receive an extra salary allocation to fund the first year of these multi-year plans. That brings us to where we are today.

As long ago as the Plan for the Class of 2000, Wake Forest set a goal to raise faculty salaries to the median of faculty in peer (cross-admit) institutions. Up until this point, this goal has not been met and in fact, Wake Forest faculty wages have fallen against those of peers. It is this goal that President Hatch has made his highest priority, in the belief that Wake Forest must attract and retain world-class faculty in order to achieve world-class quality.

The President’s message did not leave staff out. It is particularly gratifying to see the minimum wage raised for the entire campus. This is part of a “living wage” movement of universities across the nation. Further, the University will make adjustments for the members of the hourly staff based on length of service, thus recognizing their dedication to Wake Forest. By the end of this process, more than 500 non-exempt staff will receive increases in their hourly compensation ranging from 4 percent to 13 percent. The average increase for the non-exempt staff in this pool will be more than 5 percent. This is all welcome news and may mean that the second and third year levels in the three year non-exempt plan will be reached. There was no mention of exempt staff in the message and thus it appears that no additional pool has been set aside for this group of employees this year. I would hope that next year’s campus priorities would address equity for exempt staff. In the meantime, I will do all that I can to use any new or existing resources to address the exempt shortfall.

As I said in my note last week, just as Dr. Hatch has publicly said that enhancing faculty salaries is his highest priority, you may be sure that enhancing library staff salaries is my highest priority and will remain so until we reach equity.

Mary at WSSU

Thursday, March 8, 2007 6:08 pm

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a SOLINET workshop at WSSU. The workshop was one of SOLINET’s Management 101 series: Making the Most of Your Library’s Resources. Resources include money, of course, but also people, materials and time. We spent a good bit of the morning talking about funding sources and strategies. Whether one is fundraising or requesting funding from a parent institution it is important to frame the request in WIIFM – what’s in it for me. If statistics are included in a report or request, be sure to back them up with a story that makes an impact. We spent just a bit of time on budgeting and then moved on to the important aspect of promotion. Again, WIIFM is key here, as well as remembering to promote up, promote out and promote in; that is, make sure superiors and colleagues know what is going on, as well as the targeted audience. We talked about working with groups such as boards and Friends of the Library. We also touched on the importance of people and time in terms of resource allocation. Resource management fits in to good management because it requires good planning, clear decision-making and clear leadership. It also involves questioning “sacred cows” – something to keep in mind as we go forward with strategic planning.

Spring Weather Draws Students to Campus

Thursday, March 8, 2007 6:04 pm

In September 2006, I received an email message from John Ake concerning a teacher in Surry County who wanted to bring her middle school class to the library. The group from J. Sam Gentry Middle School in Mt. Airy would be dropping by after their visit to the ACC Tournament on March 2. After I received the email, I contacted Sharon Snow and Vicki Johnson to assist with the group. On the afternoon of March 2, several staff members provided tours for 190 people; including adults and chaperones. We divided the group into six groups of 30-32 students.

To accommodate the large group, I set up informational stations in the library where students would stop and a staff person would share information about that area. Caroline Numbers, Megan Mulder, Julia Bradford, and Mary Horton provided information about their respective areas. Lauren Pressley and I were stationed in Rooms 204 and 476 to give them a quick overview of reference sources. Six staff (Elise Anderson, Prentice Armstrong, Chris Burris, Jim Galbraith, Carolyn McCallum, and Giz Womack) were responsible for moving their group to the next designation on the tour route. From comments that I have received, it appears that everyone enjoyed the tours. Hopefully, our library tours will serve as a recruitment tool, and our visitors will add Wake Forest to their list when it comes time to select a college.

Get Game @ ZSR

Thursday, March 8, 2007 6:02 pm

On Friday, February 9th from 7-11pm, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library hosted its fourth Get Game@ZSR event. This open video game night drew a good crowd of students along with some University faculty and staff and their kids. It was our largest group thus far. We tried some new marketing tactics and the new game systems that came over the holidays increased interest in the event!

After two semesters in the Rhoda Channing Reading Room, we moved the event back to the atrium where we had 6 screens and projectors available. We also used the ITC Multimedia Lab and had the Screening Room and 204 available for overflow. On the left side of the atrium we had a Nintendo Wii, PS3 and Gamecube, and on the right side Xbox 360s reigned. Wii Sports, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution were all new games to this event and kept everyone engaged all evening.

I want to thank everyone who helped set up for this event! Jim, Chris, Waits, Carolyn, and Chris, along with the RTAs, were instrumental in setup for the event! Caroline and Susan got all the players signed in as they arrived and Tim, Erik and I worked to get everyone connected and ready to play! Lynn made sure there was an ample supply of pizza, soda and candy to fuel the gamers (and the staff.) At 11pm, after a great evening of gaming, we waved goodbye to the gamers and by 11:20pm the RTAs and members of the ZSR staff had everything broken down and packed up.

We are old pros at hosting these events. We have learned to avoid the power blackouts we experienced back in September 2005, and we always have plenty of food and drinks to keep the players happy! Each time we do these events, we learn a little bit more! Now it is time to start planning our next gaming event here at ZSR! Time to get some other schools involved and “up the ante” with an event that involves gaming across several sites.


Thursday, March 8, 2007 5:58 pm

The downtown branch of the Forsyth County Public Library seems far removed from the campus of Wake Forest University and the ZSR Library; but a one day training session downtown was a real “field trip” for me, Mary Scanlon and Lauren Pressley. The topic was STAT-USA. This online data base is one filled with numbers, numbers and more numbers. It is an invaluable source for business and economic students and a real resource for those librarians who provide assistance to them.

Several points of interest in this resource include economic reports from the State of the Nation Library, International Trade Library, and the country reports that include everything you would ever need to know about a country. The import and export portion of the database provides graphs that change from charts to graphs with the click of a mouse. You can even check the ports in each state, including the port in North Carolina called Winston-Salem.

Yoga at Your Desk Session

Thursday, March 8, 2007 5:56 pm

On Wednesday, January 31st, Valerie Kiser from Sunrise Yoga Studio led a “Yoga at your Desk” session for any interested staff members. About 10 ZSR folks attended, and we learned how we can stretch throughout the day, even if we’re sitting at our desks.

The poses she showed us each focused on different parts of the body that tend to get tight and sore during a work day. The neck, arms, shoulders and back were the main focuses, as well as hips. We learned how to stretch out these areas even while we’re sitting in a chair! Valerie said that even if you can stretch for just 5 minutes at a time, it will make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of the day. You can be creative with the poses, doing them while waiting at the copier, while on the phone or while reshelving books! The people who attended agreed that they could already feel a difference in their tension levels after the session.

The staff development committee hopes to have Valerie lead another session for us in the future. For more information, visit Sunrise Yoga Studio in Clemmons.

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